Introducing me……

My name is Julie. I graduated from the University of Iowa in Math, then I went to Indiana University to get my teaching certification. I am in the process of renewing my teaching license in Indiana. I taught for 5 years at Bloomington High School South in Bloomington, Indiana. I taught pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry over the course of that time. I resigned 10 years ago to take care of my three kids. My oldest is 10 and my youngest are 7 year old twins. I have been married to my very supportive husband for 18 years. I like to be with my family, be outdoors, read, and cart my kids to their after school activies. I was born and raised in Iowa (GO HAWKS!). I have lived in Texas, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, and now presently living in the state of Illinois for the second time.

My 2 learning goals are: understand and be able to bring writing and/or journaling into the classroom and, 2. get motivated and excited about going back to the classroom. I have been gone for a while, so I’m a little nervous about the jump back into my former profession. I’m hoping to get ideas and confidence into my teaching style.

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2 Responses to Introducing me……

  1. rwhelchel says:

    I love the theme you chose! I’m sure you will do wonderful once you get back into the classroom. What is that saying about riding a bike?

  2. bcurrey says:

    Hi Julie,
    I am hopeful this course will fulfill your learning goals. I think it is normal to be nervous to be returning to the classroom after a 10 year break. So much has changed; so much has stayed the same. Love the picture. It is not only eye appealing but also very much appropriate for your journey.

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