2-B-4: Building a Personal Glossary

Congruence  – comparing any 2 objects and know they are the same size or shape.

I developed this entirely solely on prior knowledge.  I just thought of what it means to be congruent.  You have:

Congruent Segments

Congruent Angles

Congruent Circles

Congruent Triangles

Formal Definition of Congruence:   being isometric — roughly, the same size and shape (Wikipedia)

Two-Dimensional:  An object having 2 dimensions, the object will have a perimeter and area.  The object can be drawn on a flat surface or plane.

This definition is based on my prior knowledge.  Example of two-dimentional figures.

Formal definition of Two-Dimensional Shapes:  A shape that only has two dimensions (such as width and height) and no thickness.(mathisfun.com)

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2 Responses to 2-B-4: Building a Personal Glossary

  1. rwhelchel says:

    Wow! Great definitions and pictoral representations!

  2. mathjoseph says:

    Julie, I love the illustrations, they are very clear.

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