Geometry 3-C-2: Logic and Reasoning

The most valuable information I got out of this module have been the activities associated with Bloom’s Taxonomy.  When I was teaching I taught more at the Knowledge, Understand, and Apply levels.  The top three areas, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation, did not appear too often.  We would orally discuss higher-level questions as a class, but rarely did they show up on assignments or tests.

We, as teachers, need to be more aware of the logical and lateral skills being taught.  With Common Core becoming implemented in the majority of the states, teachers need to think of more questions at the higher-levels so the students can develop the critical thinking skills necessary to move onto the next level of understanding.  On my journey back to the classroom, this really opens my eyes to how I need to approach and change my teaching methods.  To do this I will incorporate higher-level questioning from Bloom’s Taxonomy in my lesson planning.  It will be a conscious effort to include questions as part of assignments, journal writing, experimentation, cooperative learning projects, and assessments.

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3 Responses to Geometry 3-C-2: Logic and Reasoning

  1. bcurrey says:

    Hi Julie,
    It is great to hear the information shared for Bloom’s Taxonomy will have such a direct impact on your journey back to the classroom. The changing direction of our education system is exciting and scary but definitely a necessity if we are to help our students become competitive in today’s world.

  2. mathjoseph says:

    Nicely put Julie, In a way you are at an advantage with your return to the classroom, you are starting new at the beginning. The new Common Core will mean changes in the way we approach our craft. Having good back ground with Bloom’s Taxonomy is an advantage.

  3. rwhelchel says:

    Adding Bloom’s to your lessons will feel challenging at first, but after the first few lessons will become second nature. This will definately bring your students to the next level. I have no doubt that your classroom will be great!

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