5-B-1 Reflection of Images

Transformations are something that I think most students will enjoy.  Visual learners are especially going to enjoy this activity.  This is a good introduction or review to reflection. I don’t think this will be too difficult for them to do.  Part C would give them the most challenge, but it’s not impossible for them.  After the students finish their work, they can fold the coordinate graph along the x- and y- axis to check their work.  The 2 images should line up with each other with the same side lengths and with observation realize that angle measures remain the same too.  Students should be able to recognize that the when reflected across the x-axis the figure will seem upside down from the original.  When reflected across the y- axis, the figure will seem flipped either left or right from the original.

To extend this activity, have the students write out the coordinate pairs and compare the original points with the reflected points.  When reflected across the y- axis, the y coordinate value stays the same but the x coordinate value changes to the opposite number.  When reflected across the x- axis, the x coordinate value stays the same but the y coordinate value changes to the opposite number.

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2 Responses to 5-B-1 Reflection of Images

  1. rwhelchel says:

    Once again great thoughts. You are correct about the visual learners. My students enjoyed the transformation unit much better than the algebra. Being able to see how things changed, they were able to internalize and understand the concept better.

  2. bcurrey says:

    Julie, using this activity as a pre-assessment is a great idea. It will give you the opportunity to assess student knowledge from which you will be able to build from in your classroom. This would also be a great time to reinforce the equation of the x-axis is y=0 and the equation of the y-axis is x=0. As students were able to progress, this activity would deepen their comprehension of reflections as well as reinforce their Algebra skills. Beth

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