Shared Resources – resources and websites from other classmates.

These are resources and websites on topics that other classmates researched.


Below are a list of different resources that could be used with a Transformation Unit. This year I have used a combination of a math series called Digits, Task cards created by my district, and some ideas from my old math series.

Book: Mathematics Station Activities fro Common Core State Standards (gr.8) pgs.124-129

This has wonderful hands on labs that allow the students to explore transformations. I would use this for either assessment of understanding or further exploration of the concept.

Websites:– Wonderful tutorials and power points to help with explanations. Great to use as a review tool or for those struggling students.– Great basic quiz to check for basic understanding or pre-test on transformations.– Higher order of thinking tasks for students on transformations. (Aligned with the Common Core)– Great games and virtual manipulatives for students or teacher to use in classroom. – Has a variety of websites and links on Transformations for a teacher to use inside the classroom.


GeoGebra: Is a great virtual tool for students to use and see different types of Transformations.

Pythagorean Theorem:

1.  www.    The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives  The two puzzle activity found in 6-8 Grade Geometry allow students to explore Pythagorean and spacial relationships.

2. Study Island (custom of PA)                                                Study Island gives lessons, rigorous practice, and remediation on all eligible content in the PA math curriculum.

3.                                                         This sight gives real world application problems.  Its is a good homework and skill building sight.


Non-interactive sight shows 4 applications of the P.T.

A.  On Right Triangles

B.  On Parts of the Distance Formula                                                                                                 C.  On Non-Right Triangles                                                                                                                    D.  On Vector Applications

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One Response to Shared Resources – resources and websites from other classmates.

  1. mathjoseph says:

    Julie, I have to apologize, some how my post ended up on your blog sight. I have no idea how that happened. It looks better on your sight than mine as well…
    I looked at some of your resources, they would definitely work in middle school. I have bookmarked them to my home and school computers.

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